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Waterbear Brighton Music School Bruce is involved in.
Brighton Insitute of Modern Music Another music college run by Bruce.
Bath Spa University that Jim Dickinson teaches at.

Ashley Reaks Ashley played bass on PIGS
Michael Bowes Michael played drums on PIGS
b.l.o.w. @ Youtube Youtube page for this fansite.

Kino 1989 The only other b.l.o.w. page google could find when I set this up.
Younger Younger 28s @ Myspace Myspace page for Jimmy’s subsequent band

Skunk Anansie Mark Richardson’s current band – official site.
Feeder Mark Richardson’s previous band – official site.
Toby Jepson Former Little Angels frontman’s official site.
LITTLE ANGELS OFFICAL The Re-Formed Little Angels – 2012.
Big Bad World Little Angels Fansite.