The first, and only, full album. Whilst “Man & Goat Alike” evoked a Hendrix-y loose blues feel, this offering was tinged with a more Doors-y sound from Jimmy’s keys & featured extended jams such as “Kill Yourself (and learn by your mistakes)”.

Curiously, the only listed personel on the liners (and photos) were Bruce, Jimmy & Dave.

A nod to session musicians Ashley Reaks & Michael Bowes, for bass & drum work respectively, indicated that Mark & Nicky had left the fold prior to the recording of PIGS…

1 – Kiss Like Concrete
2 – Dreams Of The Dead
3 – Beautiful Day
4 – Mushroom Tea
5 – Kill Yourself (and learn by your mistakes)
6 – King Pig
7 – Dead Man Face
8 – Brief Encounter
9 – Don’t Ride The White Horse
10 – Sleep Tonight